FREE Circuit Class Tomorrow (September 7th)

The wait is over, I've partnered with Tuscola Technology Center's Life Long Learning program to teach fitness classes once again!

For those of you that have done a circuit with me before, these classes will be very similar, for those of you that haven't (or even if you have), join me this week for free! :)

The class will have 9-10 different stations and/or exercises that will be completed for different time increments ranging from 30 seconds up to a minute. There will be four rounds of each exercise completed at these different time increments.

This circuit targets the entire body. There will be exercises to work the legs, arms, core, and even high intensity cardio.

For each exercise I'll be providing multiple modifications to meet just about any fitness level! Bring a set of weights you're comfortable using or just use your own resistance and body weight.

Go HERE to save your spot for tomorrow's free class and to register for one of the sessions!

See you there!