Friday Favorites #1: June 2015

Yay! It's Friday and I'm done with finals!! Talk about feeling great :D I've decided that in addition to having Fit Fridays, the last Friday of every month I will also do Friday Favorites. My friend Heather at Life in Leggings does this every week and I really liked the idea and also the chance to link-up with other bloggers to see their Friday Favorite posts as well. So here we are.

friday favorites

  • The Stitcher radio app and podcasts in general

One of the best things that has happened to me lately is podcasts. I drive a lot so its nice to listen to something other than music, especially when you think you've heard just about every song on the radio.

stitcher logo


This app is seriously so awesome. It lets you save your favorite podcasts, downloads most recent episodes for you for offline listening and even recommends podcasts you might be interested in. Even better, my car's radio has this app as well and whenever I have my phone plugged in I can easily navigate through the app on my car radio.

  • Caveman Coffee and MCT Oil

So I gave up coffee for 21 days at the end of April and when I decided to start drinking coffee again I didn't want to drink just any coffee. Sure I have those days where I grab Starbucks or a coffee from a local convenience store but most of the time I'm drinking Caveman Coffee from Onnit. Best. Coffee. Ever.

caveman coffee

When I bought my coffee I also bought MCT oil. The company had a package deal with both products so I figured "Why not?!" And come to find out the MCT oil has AWESOME benefits. It gives you great sustained energy, regulates blood sugar, improves metabolism and improves appetite regulation. Seriously, whoa. To learn more about MCT oil go here.

mct oil

You can buy both of these products from Onnit.

  • Naturebox

Seriously, I love this stuff. Can't wait for my next box which should be shipping soon. If you want to read more, check out my review of my first month of Naturebox here.


  • Stress Away Oil Blend

As I mentioned above, this week I had finals. It was one of the most stressful weeks of my life to say the least. I took full advantage of my Stress Away oil Thursday to calm me down and keep me focused.

stress away

  • Moving Boxes from Sagebrush

In Wednesday's post I mentioned that I am moving back to the thumb. I really hate moving, there's no good way to put that. But, luckily I saved a ton of money when I took all the boxes from stock at the restaurant I work at! Score!


And with that I'm off to the restaurant to start my last weekend of work!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!