Cookin' Up Meals in the Crock-Pot

Hey there, and Happy Monday!

As I had mentioned in my previous post, we moved! As exciting as it is, it has been quite the process. We moved into a newly renovated house that, while everything was redone and super nice, there were a lot of things we needed, including appliances. 

So, what's a girl to do when she has no stove but still has to figure out a way to make halfway decent meals for a few weeks.....CROCK-POT!

I was thrilled when I discovered the multitude of recipes online for slow cooker meals. So, whether you find yourself in a predicament like mine, or you just want a change of pace, here are a few my favorites.

Slow Cooker Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

From All Day I Dream About Food

This was the first recipe I tried. So simple, super yummy, and still tasty once reheated (once we got our microwave). This recipe calls for a sausage brand that I hadn't heard of and couldn't find at the local grocery so I opted for Jimmy Dean Original Sausage Crumbles. This sausage was already fully cooked so there was no worry about the difference in cooking time that may occur with using an different product than suggested. 

3-Ingredient Salsa Chicken

From Live Laugh Rowe

This recipe was a real winner! I ended up making this one multiple times. The way we prepared it was "Chipotle Bowl" style. I served it with some greens, cheese, sour cream, and avocado. I opted to add red, green, and yellow pepper to my recipe. I didn't cook them for the whole time, but added the peppers in for the last two hours. This was a super easy meal to take to work and heat up too. 

Taco Meat

Another thing I experimented with was ground beef and ground turkey and just making taco meat; basically serving it the same way that I served the salsa chicken. I used a pound of ground beef or ground turkey, added a packet of taco seasoning, either a small amount of tomato paste or a bit of salsa and let it cook. Every hour or so I stirred the meat to help it break down into the smaller pieces. 

All of these recipes were so good and something that I will keep making, even now that I have my stove ;)

Now that I have discovered the world of Crock-Pot cooking I am looking to try more recipes in the future. What are your favorite slow cooker recipes? Let me know it the comments below, I would love to try them myself. 

Hope you have a fantastic week! 

Until next time...