When There Isn't Enough Time in the Day: Time Management

The number many times I've heard or used the expression, "There aren't enough hours in the day" I can even begin to count! I've been struggling with time management, well, since I started getting so busy that I actually had to try to manage my time. I've never been as efficient as I would like and I'm still not. That is why I'm writing this post; helping you with tips to manage your time, and forcing me to do so research to help myself! Everyone wins. :D So first of all, I find what helps me out is writing things down. Making a to-do list and, if there's a lot to it, putting things in order according to priority. Although, most of the time when I feel like my head is about to explode with everything I have going on, I realize that, once I write it down, there are only about 4 things I have to do and apparently my brain just doesn't have the capacity for that sometimes?

full brain


Either way, to-do lists are great to prioritize or to just make more room in your brain and reduce anxiety.

Second, you have to stop trying to multi-task...it's getting you no where fast. Honestly, it's probably slowing you down more than it's helping. The only reason I'm so adamant about this is because I catch myself doing this ALL THE TIME!



Yesterday, I was attempting to do a lab simulation on my computer for biology, had Facebook open working on Beachbody coaching stuff, and holding at least two texting conversations. Do I comprehend my lab...nope! Did I finish my lab...nope! Did I efficiently get all my coaching work done....nope! And I was sitting there for 2.5 hours, could have easily spent an hour doing my coaching stuff and then an hour and a half busting out my lab. But no, I tried to be some wonder woman and all it got me was extra homework and feeling overwhelmed. Not what I'm going for here.


My point is, set aside a certain amount of time for a task. Take that allotted time and then, when time is up, move on to the next thing. And by setting time aside, I mean it! No outside distractions. Don't have 12 tabs open in your web browser or have your phone sitting right next to you the entire time (you can live without it for 30 minutes to an hour at a time...although its a difficult task for most, me especially, it's doable).

Okay, so now that you're going to have this prioritized to-do list and specific time frames set for all these tasks, take a break every once in a while! Don't work yourself into the ground, no one likes that. Enjoy life a little bit!

take a break cat


Take a half hour break and read a book, go outside or even watch TV. Give yourself time for you and then get right back at it, you'll feel refreshed and most likely be more productive. If personal time isn't on your prioritized to-do list, it probably should be!

So this may not be an option for everyone, but another thing that I'm trying is making myself wake up earlier.



It really kills me, I love to be the night owl that sleeps half the day away. But, I've come to realize I feel so unproductive when I finally get up and around and by the time I get my workout in and shower its past noon. Right now I only have class two days a week so I just chill out on my days off when really I could have gotten so much accomplished in those extra few hours. Some people work better at night and they have it all figured out, and that's awesome. For me, I think getting on regular schedule is best. Even though I love being the night owl, I feel like I don't work as efficiently later at night. Tasks take me a little longer because I've been up all day, as much as I deny it I'm starting to get tired, and I'm easily distracted. Not to mention that getting on schedule now will lead to a whole lot less shock when I start fall classes. (8:30 a.m. Four days a week. Why do I do this to myself?!)

Anyways, like I said at the beginning of today's post, I need to work on these time management skills quite a bit myself. I may not be an expert on time management, but I do know that I need improvements. I'm beginning to recognize the behaviors that are detrimental to productivity throughout the day. To me, these tips just seem to make sense. I've slowly began to implement them into my life and hoping they'll help!

Oh so I listened to an online call the other day. This is a great listen for more tips!

I hope this gave you a few ideas of how you can try to manage your time better. Also, if you have any good time management tips I would LOVE to hear them in the comments below!

Happy Wednesday! :)