Coming Soon: Pursuit of Healthiness

As of yesterday afternoon, I officially have my DBA (Doing Business As) and this girl is starting her own business! :D I've had the idea of this on my mind for over a year and I'm finally taking action. I thoroughly enjoy teaching fitness classes and helping others. Pursuit of Healthiness will become active within the next month as I am putting together an online coaching/training program and group fitness classes.


Online Coaching/Training

Last summer I had to discontinue my fitness classes because I no longer had a location to hold classes. I figured the next best thing would be to try to do personalized workouts for people. Well, that never worked out, I started school, started dance and moved. So, here I am with a better plan, more experience, and I can't wait to get started.

I plan on holding 6 week sessions of online coaching. To start, I'll do a consultation in person or via online call to find out each client's goals, what equipment they have access to, and other information to better personalize their program.

Each client will receive a weekly e-mail with three suggested workouts for the week along with access to videos that will show how to do each exercise and explain correct form.

The client will participate by completing the required eating, exercise, and water intake logs to remain active in the program. After each week I will give advice on how to improve each of these areas and continue to motivate each client throughout the week.

Group Fitness Classes

I am hoping to be in contact with Kingston Schools in order to work something out to offer  group fitness classes, like circuit and PiYo classes, for those in the area. I'm planning to talk more with the superintendent once the school year starts to set everything up!

I'm super excited to get started with this next adventure. This will definitely be trial and error for the first few months and I'm more than happy for others to provide feedback and advice to make this a better experience for everyone. :D

If you're interested in either the online coaching/training or the group fitness classes please feel free to contact me by e-mail ( or comment below!