Nutrition Education Online - NOW AVAILABLE!

Hey all!

A few months back I posted about a nutrition course that I was offering in the office that I work in. The feedback I got from that was that I needed to do another session, in the fall, when people were less busy. Well, being that I'll be officially starting my masters program in just a few short weeks, fall is not exactly the most ideal time for me to be taking on extra projects. That doesn't mean I gave up on the idea entirely though! I had the equipment, and a few extra hours, to be able record and upload all of the content that I presented during the six-week course. 

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The Basics - Getting Familiar with Nutrition


Last week I held my first nutrition education session, and last night the second. Two down, four to go (but it's not too late for you to join us! ;) )

I am actually having fun going through all of my resources, preparing, and teaching these classes. Based on my love for spreading information about health, and a client request, today's post is going to include my PowerPoint from the class as well as my notes, or anything that I emphasized.

If this content interests you consider coming to a class or I may even record my classes or make PowerPoints with audio available for those that can't attend classes. Please, please, PLEASE, let me know your opinions. :)

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