Friday Favorites #4: September 2015

I am refusing to believe that it is the last Friday in September, that summer has come and gone, and that fall is now upon us. I wouldn't mind fall so much, but fall means winter is coming. And I wouldn't mind winter so much if it wasn't cold and I didn't have to commute to school in the snow. But all of the above statements are, in fact, true and so, I am here telling you of some of my favorite things in September of 2015.

friday favorites

  • Sunday Football

But not just any football, 5th and 6th graders; including my awesome little brother. See picture below. :)


One of the perks of moving back to the thumb is being close enough to spend time with my family every Sunday and watching my little brother tear up the field.

  • Being a part of the ExcelDance Staff

Okay, I know I probably talk about dance and the dance studio a lot. But I practically live at that place these days. And I love it. I'm so glad to be part of the staff and teaching and sharing my passion with little ones. Check out my picture on the staff wall!!!


I would have to consider this another perk of moving back home.

  • Going out with old friends

I gave myself a night off of work and school and headed down to Royal Oak for a surprise birthday party for a Piston's Dance Team teammate. I was glad to be able to go out, enjoy myself, see people I don't normally get to see, and even went to see my old roommates.


I keep talking about how I'm confident in my decision in moving home, but I do miss this city now and then.

  • Breakfast/Anytime Snacks

As many of you know, or have assumed based on my posts, I'm always on the go. With that, keeping myself on top of my game with good nutrition is essential. Here is a nifty snack that I tried a while ago that just made another appearance in my life.


First of all, these little bites are delicious and come in mixed berry and chocolate flavors. Second, they're perfect for a quick breakfast or an on-the-go snack when you're in need of energy. I usually grab these as I walk out the door before school, or after class when I'm getting ready to head to the studio. One of  the best features of this snack is how many of the bites they give you. About 46, that's right 46! It's not a bag 3/4 filled with air, barely filled with any edible substance that leaves you feeling hungry after; it's a bag filled with Belvita Bite goodness.

For those of you with a sense of humor here's few silly puns, and a good laugh, to end the post...

koala hedgehog4 renew gator

....And here's one for those of you who can find humor in trigonometry.


puns source

Have a great weekend, and stay happy!