Road to Grad School #1: Is Grad School for You?

For me, the decision to go to grad school was a no-brainer. I knew what my career path was (physical therapy) and I knew the only way to get there was to go to graduate school. Well, that's how it was for a quite a few years. Just recently I made myself take a step back and look at a bigger picture. I had to ask myself, "What could I do with my undergraduate degree?", "Would I thoroughly enjoy a job that may have a lower salary?", "Do I really need graduate school, or can I be content with a 4-year degree?"

For weeks to a month or two I really sat and pondered those questions, until I realized that I was getting way ahead of myself. I needed to look to see what the job market was like for someone in the exercise science field. I would be graduating in May and if I was going to take back my decision of going to graduate school I needed to start the hunt for a good job in my field, and in the area I lived in.

Truth be told, those jobs in my field and in the area didn't exist. I'm not too fond on relocating right now, and the jobs that were options elsewhere in the state just didn't really captivate me. So now, as you can imagine, I was back on my road to graduate school.

For me, that whole realization and thinking process happened a little late in my college journey, but it needed to happen so I could be sure I wanted/needed to pursue my education even further. And, that's why I'm writing this, to give advice to others. Make sure you weigh all the options so you know where you can or can't go with the degree you're, this is more a tip for those of you still in high school or just beginning your college career, but if you do it late, like me, it's okay and is still a good thing to do.

Listening closely to a few of my professors in the last year, I'm fully aware that you don't HAVE to go to graduate school to make a good living or be qualified. In fact, in some scenarios, going to graduate school makes you overqualified for some positions and you will not be hired. Going into your education planning  knowing what you want to do and what type of job position you would like to hold helps immensely. So, if you're going to graduate school just to get a few more letters after your name, don't waste the money. Check out what options you have without the expensive degree. Like I said, in my case, it didn't work out and I'll be continuing this journey for another 4-5 years, but educate yourself on what is available to you.

Until next time....<3