Mastering Mindfulness - Book Review

A few months back I was introduced to a dietitian, Gina B, that is now based out of San Diego, California but received her bachelor of science in dietetics and her master of science in human nutrition from Eastern Michigan University. (That's my school too! :D )

After becoming more familiar with Gina B's work and seeing some of her content I decided to dive into her book, Mastering Mindfulness. 

Here's a little bit about my initial thoughts on the book. 

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10% Human - Book Review

So the title of this book alone can provoke some thought. No, this book isn't about some crazy alien/human race that has taken over and is a mere 10% human. This title is referring to the amazing fact that we are more microbe than we are human. For every one cell that is actually you, actually human, there are nine other cells of bacteria and/or fungi making your body home.

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