The Burning Question: Where to Get Good Information

I did a nutrition seminar at the beginning of the month and one of the questions I got really made me stop and think. I was talking about the plethora of misinformation available in the media when it comes to nutrition and was asked, “Where would you suggest we go to look for good information?” I really had to take a second and think about it. Was there one place on the internet that I really trusted to get it all right? Was there one place I could feel comfortable sending these people to get additional information? Unfortunately, I really couldn’t think of anything.

So how did I answer…

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Nutrition Education Coming to Caro!

Hey there! 

To "celebrate" Thursday and also make fun of my own grammar pet peeves. 

To "celebrate" Thursday and also make fun of my own grammar pet peeves. 

So, a while ago I posted about Abs So Fruitly being a business and the services that were being offered. Well, starting in just one week, I'm going to be teaching some basic nutrition classes in the office I work at!

This is something that I wanted to offer to the general public because, the more I volunteer in schools and work with clients, I am seeing an unfortunate lack of nutrition education in the community. Before you take offense to that statement know that IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. There is just a lack of information available on a daily basis or even too much contradictory information about what your diet should look like. I want to provide the basic education so you know what to look for on nutrition labels, what carbohydrate, protein, and fat means and what they do, and how to apply that to yourself! 

I will be doing a series of 6 classes; a little bit of information each week as to not overwhelm. The classes will be on Thursday evenings at 6pm, they'll start next week, June 8th with a FREE intro class.

Be sure to contact me or the office (989 672 1095) to reserve a seat as space is limited!

Check out the Facebook event page and the flyer below for more information!!

Nutrition Class Brochure