15 Benefits of Exercise That AREN'T Related to Losing Weight or Looking Good

It can get a tad bit annoying when I hear people talk about how they choose not participate in physical activity. There's a never-ending list of excuses: I don't need to lose weight, I don't have time, I don't want to look muscle-y, or they just don't think it's going to benefit them. 

Like seriously?! You think you don't need this in your life?! Well, I'm about to tell you why EVERYONE needs to be physically active. 

This is an addition to a post from two years ago. The first post I did wanted to take a step back from the science and the statistics and scale that back to make it personal; letting you know how exercise may directly impact you. The first ten reasons can be found here with few added notes and then the additional points below those. 

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FitFriday #18: Jump Rope Workout - Zen Dude Fitness

Happy Friday!

If you have taken one of my circuit classes before, you know how much I LOVE jump rope. With my ongoing knee issues, I have taken advantage of jump rope more and more as a means of cardio activity. My love of jump rope started at a young age as it was introduced in my elementary school P.E. classes and I still can't get enough.

There are great benefits to jump rope. What are they, you ask...find out in this short video.

Also, you may have heard me mention before that I enjoy listening to podcasts. Being a student with an hour plus commute, I needed something more than just the radio and podcasts were a great way to gain some extra knowledge without taking up extra time. Multi-tasking. (I highly suggest taking advantage of podcasts!!!)

In a recent podcast, I learned about the Zen Dude Fitness creators and how they base their fitness regimen mainly on jump rope. Immediately I was interested and had to check out the site. Check out the podcast here! (Episode #113)

The Zen Dude Fitness site has awesome videos of workouts. Definitely take some time to check those out!

A few weeks ago I tried out one of their upper body and jump rope workouts (killer)! See that here. Then I decided that this site and one of their workouts would be great to share with you! So, here's a basic jump rope workout that I did this week. (Instructional video below). 

-20 sec – jump rope – regular bounce
-20 sec – jump rope – feet front to back
-20 sec – jump rope – feet side to side
-20 sec – jump rope – front straddle
-20 sec – jump rope – regular bounce
-20 sec – jump rope – feet front to back
-20 sec – jump rope – feet side to side
-20 sec – jump rope – front straddle

***repeat circuit 3x resting 1 min between circuits and 10 second break between each 

**To make things a little more advanced try taking out the 10 second rest

If you're not all that familiar with jump rope, below are a few links that will help you get started!

How to Jump Rope - 6 Basic Steps

What Jump Rope Should I Buy?

10 Best Jump Rope Moves for Beginners


As I mentioned before, I love jump rope and its a great way to get in shape. I hope you enjoy the workout.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

FREE Circuit Class Tomorrow (September 7th)

The wait is over, I've partnered with Tuscola Technology Center's Life Long Learning program to teach fitness classes once again!

For those of you that have done a circuit with me before, these classes will be very similar, for those of you that haven't (or even if you have), join me this week for free! :)

The class will have 9-10 different stations and/or exercises that will be completed for different time increments ranging from 30 seconds up to a minute. There will be four rounds of each exercise completed at these different time increments.

This circuit targets the entire body. There will be exercises to work the legs, arms, core, and even high intensity cardio.

For each exercise I'll be providing multiple modifications to meet just about any fitness level! Bring a set of weights you're comfortable using or just use your own resistance and body weight.

Go HERE to save your spot for tomorrow's free class and to register for one of the sessions!

See you there!