Mastering Mindfulness - Book Review

A few months back I was introduced to a dietitian, Gina B, that is now based out of San Diego, California but received her bachelor of science in dietetics and her master of science in human nutrition from Eastern Michigan University. (That's my school too! :D )

After becoming more familiar with Gina B's work and seeing some of her content I decided to dive into her book, Mastering Mindfulness. 

Here's a little bit about my initial thoughts on the book. 

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Road to Grad School #5: The Application Process and Getting Accepted

My last edition of this "Road to Grad School" series was my undergraduate graduation. That was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Since then I have spent hours upon hours attempting to perfect my application for Eastern Michigan University's Masters of Dietetics program and sent it off for review at the beginning of the year. After waiting what seemed like an eternity (in reality only about two months) I received my acceptance letter mid-March, the most relief I have ever felt...EVER! 

While the process spanned over many months and even thought I sent in the application at the beginning of the year, I couldn't bring myself to write about the process until I had the final word from the school. 

Here's a few things to think about for any application process

  • Read, read, and read some more. My application was super wordy, had many necessary sections, and incredibly specific instructions. I read the whole thing through many times and then individual sections as necessary.


  • Have a question? ASK! Don't be afraid to ask questions, in fact, I encourage it. I was once told that the staff actually makes note of when you contact them and it shows interest. Try to find a contact person from the program's website or the application itself. I was able to find my contact person through contacting the academic advisor and she was able to direct me. 


  • Make your volunteer experiences count. Most applications will require some kind of volunteer experiences. If possible, try to make your volunteer time pertain to your field of study. I was incredibly fortunate to have opportunities with Kingston Community Schools, Saginaw Valley Sports Nutrition, and Hills and Dales General Hospital where all of my hours were nutrition based. If you can't find hours that are specific to your program, at least obtain as many hours as possible. Making each portion of your application as strong as possible is imperative. Volunteer hours are one of the easiest ways to boost your application, if you have the opportunity, take advantage! 
  • Know the prerequisites far enough in advance and make a plan. Those that know me well enough know that I love to make plans, I need to know when and what is going to happen. As far as prerequisites, I'm not just talking about classes, some programs require certain immunizations and up to date certifications, like CPR. Some of these immunization series take months so you don't want to be caught up needing them completed for an application due in 3 months and the series takes 6 months, YIKES! My planning skills were lacking slightly as I was finishing my last prerequisite course. The end date of the course was 6 days before the application deadline and I needed official transcripts included in my application...oops. Luckily, it being a self-paced course, I busted my booty to get the class done in time to receive my transcripts in time. This was an instance where contacting the school helped, I informed them of the issue and they assured me that as long as the class was complete the transcripts could be sent at a later date if need be. That was reassuring, but still glad that I was able to send a fully complete application.  

If you have already taken courses that may fulfill the prerequisites be sure to check to see if they transfer. Most universities have a web page that allows you to see how courses from other universities compare. Also if you think that the course is comparable but is not listed in one of these transfer databases, there are usually overrides done by someone in the department, usually you just have to collect the course syllabus and then let the individual know what class you took at what university and which prerequisite you're wanting to fulfill. Again, this is where contacting the university and/or your specific department comes in handy! 

  • Be aware of program specific requirements. For my program, being that I was applying to the distance-education, or online, program, I was required to find my sites for supervised practice experience (internship sites) and secure them for my first year before I applied. This information and signatures by my preceptors was required to include. This is where reading every word and doing so multiple times comes into play as well. 


  • Accepting your acceptance... That sounds kind of silly, but it's a thing. After receiving my acceptance letter mid March, I had until April 1st to return it to accept my position in the program and also register for a "first come first serve" course offered in the spring. I really wanted to get into this spring class, so receiving my acceptance letter on a Friday, I had all the paperwork completed and put in the mailbox on Sunday. Well, just over a week later, I receive my letter back. Why? Because I got too excited and forgot to finish writing out the school's address. This was on March 29th, and, as I mentioned, the paperwork was due back April 1st. So, the day after, I found myself in the post office paying $25 to have this thing sent overnight and I didn't end up getting a seat in the spring class.. :( So, acceptance is awesome, but calm yourself before trying to do anything important. ;) 

To all my fellow students starting or in the application process, the best of luck to you! 

Abs So Fruitly is Officially a Business!!

Hey there!

Yup, I'm still here, and the blog is still running. 

I've been away for quite a while. The weeks fly by, blog posts don't get done, and I get sad. So I'm back, and hoping to get back to some consistency. So, let me explain what I've been up to lately that has taken my time away from the blog...

First of all, I submitted my application for my graduate program at Eastern Michigan University. (Yay!) Now just (im)patiently waiting the arrival of what I hope is an acceptance letter. 

Second, I moved! That is such a process in itself. Still trying to get things organized and make this place "home-y."

Third, and the most important thing I want to share, ABS SO FRUITLY IS NOW A BUSINESS!!! At the beginning of the year, I put some things together, got a DBA, and even opened a business bank account! So, I am now offering nutrition, fitness and overall wellness services. I have been doing fitness and nutrition consultations, meal plans, nutrition analyses; I have been one busy girl! But, busy or not, I'm loving what I'm doing now and so excited that I have already been lucky enough to help some people out on their pursuit of healthiness. 

So here's a little break down of what Abs So Fruitly has to offer:

  • Nutrition Assessments - Taking a look at past and present eating habits, personal, family and medical history, analyzing a 24 hour food recall and optional body fat analysis in order to come up with some modifications and a sample 1-day meal plan.
  • Follow Up - How are you progressing? Have you reached any goals? Are there any obstacles we need to overcome? Can we move on to new goals?
  • Food Log Analysis - Ever wonder if how you're eating meets your daily needs or if the types of foods you're eating are working for or against you? An analysis of a 1-2 day food log will give you ideas of what changes may need to be made in your diet.
  • Informational/Educational Meetings - For those that need just a little bit of nutrition knowledge or would like to learn more about how food works with the body. 
  • E-mail/Phone/Skype - Set up an appointment to ask questions or get suggestions.
  • 4 - Week Meal Plans - We will come up with a personalized meal plan that includes foods you like, common foods you eat, or things you want to try to fit into your daily needs. 


  • Fitness Assessment - Where do you stand as far as physical fitness? I'll find out more about you, your schedule, habits, current activity level, likes, and dislikes in order to give you suggestions of what to do to become healthier and more physically fit.
  • Weekly Fitness Plans - A personalized plan based on what you have available to you. Whether you go to the gym, workout at home, have access to machines, or just use body weight, we will make sure that you have a week worth of workouts to target the entire body. 
  • Personal Training - If you need the extra motivation and accountability factor, we can put together a plan and meet in person to perform exercises and meet your fitness goals. 


  • Overall Wellness - Need a little bit of everything? We can make that happen! Pairing exercise with diet is the best way to see results and make the healthiest human possible. 

While I do have a degree in exercise science, I am not a registered dietitian, but rather aspiring to be. That being said, I am confident in the knowledge I have had from my previous education, my own research, volunteer and internship experiences, and continuing education that I can give you the tools you need to become healthier. To reinforce my knowledge, and help you share the same confidence in me that I have in myself, I am currently completing a nutrition and wellness certification. Even though in approximately two years I will be ready to become a registered dietitian (if this letter ever comes...), I want to make sure that I have an adequate education to provide clients with the best information. If I don't know something, I know where to go or who to ask to find it! 

For more information on my services, check out the services page!

And, if you have ANY questions, be sure to e-mail me at I love hearing from you and answering your questions!