FitFriday #2: Snacktime Made Healthy

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm chaperoning my little brother's field trip so I made the trip to the thumb last night after school. I planned on going on a run and doing the second set of my challenge, but little did I know I was going to be able to get my whole family involved!

As soon as I mentioned wanting to go for a run my little brother, Brennen (11), chimed in and asked if he could go. He's been on a couple runs with me before and figured he could handle it. Well then little sister, Faith (7), decided she wanted to go running too. I wasn't too confident in her joining us so my mom offered to take her to the end of the road and back while Brennen I started our run. This kid definitely impressed me and helped encourage me to keep up my pace. Wesley (other brother, 18) was our cheerleader riding up and down the road on his dirt bike.


Once we got back I wanted to get the second set of the challenge done for the day and got the whole family (minus my dad who had a meeting) to join in with me!


Speaking of the challenge, how are you all doing?! Only one more day, stay focused and keep moving!

Onto today's topic, healthy snacking. Being fit isn't just about working out and seeing the results on the outside, its about eating right and feeling good on the inside.

When I first started trying to fit healthier choices into my diet I had the hardest time finding snacks or something quick to keep me going or to take on the go. I've come across a few things that are my go-tos these days and figured I would share some of my favorites.


  1. I have to admit fruits are pretty awesome and have been one of my favorite foods, well forever. Some fruits like apples and bananas can be super easy to just grab as you're walking out the door (I do this at least twice a week).
  2. Pictures 2 and 4 go together. First of all, I absolutely LOVE hummus. When I was younger I didn't like the word "hummus" and therefore, never tried the food. (I know, what a weirdo, right?!) Once I tried it, I couldn't get enough. I dip veggies in hummus quite often. And as much as I hate to admit it, I eat chips and hummus even more often. But seriously, this stuff goes on everything, wraps, sandwiches and I even use it to replace salad dressing at times.
  3. Almonds are great to grab on the go. This was my staple snack that I would take to long practices. There are SO many benefits to eating almonds you can read about those benefits here and here.
  4. See number 2.
  5. Oh Larabars! Growing up my parents always had some kind of granola bar in the house. I always thought that all granola bars were healthy snacks, yep, definitely wrong on that one. I took a look at the list of ingredients of the granola bars I was eating, it was a lot longer than I felt it should have been. (How is all of that stuff packed in there?!) When a friend introduced me to Larabars and I saw the short list of ingredients (usually only about three or four items) that were mostly comprised of fruits and nuts and I was sold, plus they're delicious! My personal favorite would have to be chocolate chip cookie dough, mmm-mm.

Just a quick tip whenever you buy foods look for the least amount of ingredients and know that the first few things listed are what the food is mostly made of. 

A new snacking adventure I am embarking on is NatureBox. I just got my free trial this week and I am looking forward to my first full box to come in.


Be on the look out for a NatureBox post in the upcoming month. Have you ever tried a service like this? Does a service like this interest you?

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and rock that challenge!