Don't Let Barriers Become Excuses

Excuses, way too common...

It seems as if excuses are getting easier to come up with and eating healthy, exercising, and taking care of our bodies is becoming more difficult. That’s all simply perception and I think we all need to give ourselves a little reality check now and then.

My barrier...

I’ve been dealing with chronic knee pain for about 6 years now and it’s frustrating to say the least. In that time, I’ve went from an annoying random pain, to pain when running now and then, to pain when running more than a mile, pain when running more than a half mile but still able to do sprints, and now, if I’m having a bad day and wearing the wrong shoes, walking for too long of a distance hurts.

Here’s the thing, I absolutely HATE being doubted or told I am incapable of something. So now, my own body is giving me limits... Not. A. Fan.

And I’ve tried to fix it. A handful of doctors, at least 3 MRIs, 2 rounds of physical therapy, and a knee scope have turned up no results. I should probably just sit on the couch and never do cardio again.

The next step in the process with doctors is surgery. It would involve cutting my IT band (the fibrous band that runs from your hip to your knee) in order to make it longer. And from what I hear, that also usually involves jacking up all of my other core/hip/pelvis mechanics. Again, not a fan.

I'm not making it an excuse....

I haven’t given up on fixing this thing on my own. I do yoga at least once a week that focuses on the tightness in my hips. I continue with the therapy exercises that I was given and focus on my core strength to make sure everything is balanced to take any extra strain off of my hips and knees. And I make sure that I find other forms of cardio that can replace running and sprinting. The elliptical has become my best friend, I’ve found out incline walks on the treadmill actually give you a pretty good sweat, and I have recently reintroduced HIIT circuit workouts that I can easily do at home.

I’m working with what I’ve got for now and not letting this be something that keeps me away from cardio and other exercises.

So, that’s my story, but what’s yours?!?!

Are you avoiding healthy eating because you think you have to meal prep and that’s too time-consuming?

            No need to prep all the time. Make simple meals, but make a lot at once, that could give you lunches and/or dinner for the next few days.

Do you not workout because you don’t have a gym membership or equipment?

            That stuff isn’t necessary! I have a ton of bodyweight workouts on my Pinterest page plus the internet is WAY COOL and has abundant resources. Take advantage!

Sure these things can be barriers and a pain in the butt. You don’t have to let them be excuses though!

Think about these things in a different light...

  • Go into this with a positive and open mind.
  • Make a list of the things you think you can’t do, don’t have time for, can’t afford, or don’t have the resources for.
  • Now what things on this list would improve your quality of life or health?
  • Are these things really out of reach or are there just a few barriers in the way?
  • Are you seriously not able to do something or are there just excuses associated with the task?

Take a look, and quit making excuses!

This can apply to SO MANY things! Whatever you apply it to, try to make yourself a happy and healthier human.

Still think these barriers are impossible to overcome or you just can’t think of ideas to get around them?

Send me your list! I would be happy to help you find ways to improve your life!