Spending the Weekend as a Detroit Piston's Dancer

This past weekend I had a few appearances to do as a Piston's Dancer. It's crazy to think that these would be the last of my days as a DPD. :( I had so much fun seeing everyone and working with everyone once again. Friday morning was Van's Warped Tour 2015. Bands, tents, and vendors took over the parking lot of the Palace of Auburn Hills. When I arrived a little before 11 a.m.,  there was already a ton of traffic and people flooding in as the doors opened.

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Saturday night I was at DTE in Clarkson for the J. Cole concert. It was definitely a hot one on Michigan, but it quickly cooled down after the crazy downpour of rain. Thank goodness we had tents!


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This was a concert I wanted to stay for and so glad I was able to! We ended up about three rows away from the stage. It was such a blast. Not only was it a great experience but I was glad to spend some time with my coworkers as well.


I worked at Meadowbrook Music Festival on Monday night for the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett show. There was a misprint on our schedule so we were there an hour early...oops! It ended well though and had the chance to interact with some great people.

I decided that in honor of my last appearances I would give you before, during, and after snap shots of transforming myself into a Piston's Dancer.

So here's my before. No make up, hair barely done, in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I know, real cute...haha


Ah, all the make-up and hair product to make me beautiful!


Hair and make-up done, now for the outfit.


The finished product!


I'll miss getting all dressed up and hanging out with friends while working, but this marks the end of one thing and the beginning of new things!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Stay Positive.

FitFriday #8: Starting 21 Day Fix

So, as I mentioned in a previous post (Change is a Good Thing and New Adventures are Even Better) I signed up to be a Beachbody coach, woohoo! This is something that I've been contemplating for a few years now and finally decided it was the right time in my life. I'm starting off my "coaching career" with the 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology.


Chocolate flavored for sure! I drank this stuff a few years back and loved it, when I opened my bag yesterday and had some I literally thought to myself "Why did I ever stop drinking this?!" If you want to learn a little bit more about Shakeology go here.

Monday I start the 21 Day Fix program..and I'm excited! I was doing my workout yesterday and seriously questioned where all my strength went asking myself why I was such a wimp. Honestly, just more motivation for me, but I can't wait to feel good again.

The 21 Day Fix program is made up of both a meal plan and an exercise program. The meal plan seems like its going to be really easy to use. It's all based on portion sizes. You're sent a series of color-coded plastic containers that represent your portion sizes throughout the day. The book that is provided is a guide as to how many of each colored container to eat throughout the day and what types of foods you should be putting in each of those containers. The simplicity of this meal plan is exactly what I need.


The workouts are only a half hour a day. 30 minutes, that's it! I'm notorious for having a busy schedule so if I can be active and get results in a short amount of time, count me in!


Overall, I'm incredibly excited to start this 21 day journey and I'll be sure to give you all a review and let you know what I thought at the end of the program. So, until next time.. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend :)