Over the last few weeks I have putting quite a bit of thought into this blog and how I wanted to try to fit in a more nutrition-based segment to help educate readers. Which, I feel, only makes sense being that this whole nutrition thing is kind of my new found passion.

Finally, in the last few days it hit me: Food Focus (credit for the name goes to Matt) - a segment that allows me to highlight a certain food and its benefits and shortcomings. I plan on researching foods, those that are usually labeled as "health foods" in particular, to let you know some of the science behind these foods. I'm so looking forward to doing this, not only to give you information, but to encourage my own research on foods and increase my knowledge as well.

First up is a food that I've come to LOVE in the last few years, coconut, more specifically, MCT oil. This post will be coming to you in the next week or so.

This is also one of those things where I want to help you as much as possible so I want your feedback. What foods do you want to learn about? Let me know in the comments below!