FitFriday #6: FitBit Friday

It's FitFriday everybody! Or for today, we can call it FitBit Friday.


Ever since my friends and family had introduced me to FitBit and other wearable health trackers a couple years ago I have been intrigued. I thought it was awesome how you could see how active you were being each day and the friendly competition for the highest step count was something I wanted in on. So, in January, I finally bought myself a FitBit Charge HR.



Before I purchased my FitBit I went and researched other wearable brands and looked into their products as well. For me, FitBit was the best choice. I wanted a wearable that gave me a lot of information. From mine I can get my heart rate without a chest monitor (which is awesome and reliable as I've compared it to the heart rate monitors on the treadmill multiple times), silent alarms, miles traveled, flights of stairs climbed, calories burned and more; plus it's a perfect size. There was a larger option that had more features but felt it was just way too big for my wrist. If you're interested in purchasing a wearable I highly suggest looking into the different brands and products out there to find which product will be right for you. But for now I'll show you what I enjoy about my FitBit.

One of the coolest things ever is the app! You can download the app on your phone and go on your computer to look at your dashboard on the FitBit website. It's amazing how much information you're provided with such as:

  • All-day activity
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Food log
  • Connecting with friends
  • Setting goals

All that just scratches the surface of what the app offers you. Check out this page to see what else the app can offer. The technology is super easy to use and everything is pretty much self-explanatory.

Here are a couple of screenshots from my phone while using the app.

IMG_3282IMG_2377 IMG_1895 IMG_1523

At first, I debated on whether I was the type of person that would actually use a fitness tracker or not. I was already exercising regularly, had my goals set, and had my other apps that I used for tracking exercise. I went with my gut on my decision to buy it and I definitely don't regret it. I'm a competitive person so the feature of connecting with friends and participating in challenges has been a favorite of mine. I also like that I can track my runs and other exercise all in once place. When I use the app to track my exercise it tells me how many steps, calories, and active minutes I have from that workout (you can see that in the photos above). I love having everything in one place and I'm constantly pushing myself to get more and more steps in on a daily basis. If nothing else, it keeps you accountable, which can be a huge help in staying motivated.

As I said above, the FitBit Charge HR was the best choice for me, but that doesn't mean it's the best choice for you. If you're interested in purchasing a fitness tracker definitely do your research. If you don't know where to start there is an article here that can get you started.

That's all for today. If you have any questions about how I chose my fitness tracker or about the one I use feel free to comment below!

Have a great weekend!